The Diet that Hugh Jackman Followed to Play Wolverine

Actor Hugh Jackman played Wolverine several times in the X-Men movies, and he looked so cracked and muscular that we investigated how he did it.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Diet

The reality is that actor Hugh Jackman has almost always been in shape. You can see that he enjoys training and feeding properly, but on occasion he has been so cracked and muscular that we have wondered how he has done it, in terms of food and training.

At 48, the Australian actor Hugh Jackman, has left with the mouth to pour his fans, after sharing with them their diet to maintain his strong muscular physique. While exercise is an important part, food is a key element.

The actor, who is known for having a prominent musculature, posted his consistent breakfast on Instagram. “Eating light this morning” can be read.

Eating light this morning.

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What does his food consist of each morning? We will find: toast, omelettes, bacon, avocado, a couple of green leaves and an envelope of “Vegemite”, a yeast-based pasta.

Before going for the same products to the supermarket, we must bear in mind that Jackman has the luxury of eating this way because after breakfast he trains at least two hours, something that allows him to burn all the fat consumed.

Now lets come to Hugh Jackman diet and foods he eats. The actor eats every two and a half hours or he fasts for 16 hours and eats in the rest 8 hours. He has banished processed foods and salt from his diet. He consumes brown rice, vegetables, fruit and protein from fish, chicken, meat and egg whites. He ingests lots of calories more than his share to gain muscle mass. Many a times, he gets up at four in the morning to make an extra meal.

To represent Wolverine he came to a fantastic state, almost of bodybuilding competition. For the role he filmed in 2013, he said he consumed about 4,000 calories a day, even 5,000. Surprising, right? If a person consumes that amount of calories, the logical thing, according to the metabolism of each one, is that they fatten or add a lot of fat to their body.

So, what is the secret? Well, in intermittent fasting. The actor explained in some interviews that what allowed him to reach that tremendous physical state is a fasting type 16/8, whose way of carrying it out we have already explained at many times. That is, he spent 16 hours without eating and was fed only in a window of 8 hours, in which he was able to ingest a large number of calories.

However, Jackman is somewhat embarrassed when asked about the food, which he describes as “somewhat bland”, and that was essentially based on steamed and unsalted chicken breast, spinach, and moderate in carbohydrates and fats.

As for the training, he could exercise up to three hours several days a week with his personal trainer, in which he performed all kinds of bodybuilding routines, standard cardiovascular exercise and HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Intermittent fasting 16/8

There are different types of intermittent fasting, although the most popular is 16/8, which consists of fasting for 16 hours to eat all our requirements in 8. That is, if the last meal was made at 9:00 p.m. the previous day, we could not eat again until 1:00 p.m. There are also other protocols, such as fasting 24 hours a day (very complicated, in our opinion), or fasting 5:2, where we eat most of the calories we need for five days, and the other two drastically reduced up to 600 or 800.

Fasting does not harm the muscles

A deeply rooted idea is that if we fast we will reach the catastrophic muscular catabolism, which as nutritionist Víctor Reyes explains in an article for PowerExplosive, “many should think that this fasting is a kind of muscular suicide,” adding that “according to one study there is no severe muscle degradation until at least 12-16 hours of fasting. “So no, do not think that fasting is going to take all our muscle mass ahead. It may take up to 24 hours for our muscle mass to really be in danger, however, it is not recommended to exceed that limit to see the benefits.

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