Liam Payne talks about the complicated relationship between Zayn Malik and Harry Styles

A few days ago Zayn Malik unleashed controversy around the world after confessing unexpectedly that about his relation with Harry Styles when he was in One Direction.

Zayn Malik revealed something completely unexpected when he said, “I never really talked to Harry [ Styles ] when I was in [ One Direction ].” Of course, many were intrigued and eager to know what the rest of the 1D have to say about it.

Zayn Malik and Harry Styles

That was how in a recent interview, Liam Payne was questioned about it. He was asked about this in an interview and he referred to the sayings of Zayn Malik against Harry Styles. Liam Payne told a strange story involving Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Look! Many could not believe what Zayn said and waited anxiously for the rest of the 1D boys to say something about their sayings. That is how they now interrogated Liam Payne about what happened.

“Sometimes, two people seem to be friends and maybe below the surface they are not. I really do not know. When we were in the band, it seemed like we all got along really well, maybe to the end of it all, you know, when Zayn left, “

Liam said in a game with Pure Break. This was a true or false game with Pure Break where he made this statement. For him there was no such rivalry on the outside, but what members had inside was unknown to him.

Liam Payne

It seems that someone prefers to stay out of the drama. This confession of Liam Payne about his son broke our heart. Meanwhile, Liam has always been quite friendly to the rest of his former teammates, wishing that his son Bear soon meets up with Freddie, the son of Louis Tomlinson, meeting Niall Horan at one other musical event and being attentive to the career as actor of Harry.

Harry Styles is presenting his first solo album with great success. On May 23 he will arrive in Argentina to play at the Estadio de Tortuguitas. The singer participated in the program CBS Sunday Morning and had a surprise.

The artist was asked who came up with the name One Direction. ” I think it was me,” he replied. ” I know they’re not here to defend themselves, but it was me,” Harry added.

During the talk, the famous singer said that each one proposed different names and that he came out with One Direction: “It sounded good. When I proposed it, everyone liked it, and it was.

On his album, which has the hit “Sign Of The Times”, he said he is very happy and he enjoys presenting it. “I was never afraid to dedicate myself completely to my solo career,” he said. He also said that music he heard from his parents was important, with groups such as Queen, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac.
Liam Payne response was somewhat ambiguous and no one really understands the conflict between the parties. Does this ensure that we will never see the original 1D reunited again? What do you think?

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