James Franco and his brother Dave Franco at Sebastian Film Festival

American actor James Franco landed in San Sebastian with his brother Dave and together they caused a great stir at the film festival. The Franco films hosted the film directed by James, The Disaster Artist, which pays homage to the mythical The Room, known as “the worst worst movie in the world.”

james and dave franco

James and Dave Franco have traveled to the San Sebastian Film Festival to present his new film, The Disaster Artist. A film directed by James Franco himself that adapts the book of Greg Sestero where we talk about the production of The Room, the film that has been considered as the worst in film history. James and Dave posed for the media with the best of their smiles. Overwhelmed by all the expectation they had provoked, they did not hesitate to stop to greet and take pictures with the hundreds of fans who were waiting for them from the first hour.

The Franco brothers do not have a great physical resemblance, but they do share this comic vision and their passion for the cinema that has led them to succeed with this film. Together they caused the madness in San Sebastian with different looks, but combined with each other. While James, 39, arrived in the morning in a leather jacket, white T-shirt and black pants, Dave, 32, chose a total black look for his passage through the contest. In the midst of a real mass bath, both of them did not hesitate to stop to say hello to the hundreds of fans who were waiting for their moment.

In the movie James Franco gives life to the eccentric Tommy Wiseau, tired of not getting a job in Hollywood, makes millions of dollars out of his pocket to make his own movie The Room with Greg Sestero, role given life by Dave Franco. Both form the perfect tandem of stooges who leave everything to move to Los Angeles to fulfill their dream of becoming movie stars. So much so that Wiseau paid for his film to stay for two weeks on the road with the illusion that it participated in the race of the Oscars.

the disaster artist

After the screening of this film directed by James Franco, who competes for the Golden Shell of the festival, they received a great applause for Disaster Artist among the specialized press that enjoyed great moments of fun, thanks to the great interpretation of both brothers on the screen.

His film could be summarized in the success story of a failure. “Anyone who has tried to succeed in Hollywood or has a dream, can be reflected in the story,” said James who turned to places and places where he had been when he fought for being an actor.

“I had to work in bars and McDonald’s to be able to go to university and that experience has served me when it comes to making the film and looking for the scenarios. We shot in places where I had been years ago when trying to be an actor and in places where I had spent time working. In a curious way the film is very personal and I hope I have not been as crazy as Tommy. I’m sure a lot of actors, and directors, you can partner with the actor I represent.”

Dave Franco, who made his film debut much later than his multifarious brother James – in 2006, in the television drama The CW, 7th Heaven – has admitted that there is nothing like working as a family. “James is an excellent casting director. Encourages actors to not trust their instincts. I feel better working with the family. I hope to be so for many years. And is that there is nothing like working in confidence, as stated by his brother James, who has been working with the same team for a long time.

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