Emily Ratajkowski publishes topples photo and manages to get a million likes

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most beautiful and sexy women today. And she more than anyone knows that whenever she shares a photo on Instagram, usually it raises the temperature of its thousands of fans. She grabbed the attention on Instagram with a super hot photo with a message about her position regarding sexism and the right of women over their bodies. The actress and model half British and half American of 26 years of age ignited the networks this weekend when publishing on her Instagram account an image of her, posing super sexy and covering his naked torso with only the arms.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski has revolutionized Instagram again with a photograph in which she poses topless. In the snapshot you can see the model and actress dressed only with a tiny piece of black lingerie while covering her chest with her arms, leaving very little to the imagination of her followers.

Something that also caught the attention is that hours after having published the photo where it was put topless and that it got to have a million likes, in less than 24 hours. The image of the 26-year-old mannequin has received more than one million likes from its more than 13 million fans in less than 24 hours.

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On the same day, perhaps hours later, Emily published an old photo of a woman at a demonstration in favor of feminism, where the protagonist holds a poster with the legend “To the devil sexist.” On the foot of that image she wrote a critique of the way in which the possibility and opportunity of women to have children in the world is calculated.

Shortly after and under the hashtag, “My body is my choice,” Ratajkowski published a feminist message along with a photo of an old protest: “A woman’s right to birth control should not be based on her income. Birth control is healthcare, healthcare is a civil right ” wrote the young woman.

Although this second publication did not reach the success of the first one, its claims to add up almost 200,000 “like” and almost 2000 comments from her followers in Instagram.

It is not the first time that this beautiful celebrity is pronounced against this type of discrimination, and is that some months ago she was very annoying with a French magazine for which posed, after noticing that they had retouched her lips and breasts for the cover. Last September the star of “Gone Girl” denounced on her social networks the touch-ups suffered in their last pose for a well-known French magazine.

Despite being one of the most desired women on the planet Emily acknowledges that, like everyone else, she has insecurities and was very disappointed after seeing the cover of “Madame Figaro” in which both her mouth and her chest had been retouched.

Ratajkowski shared the original snapshot and that of the publication along with the following message: “Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own way. We all have insecurities about things that make us different from the typical beauty ideal. I, like many of you, was deeply disappointed to see my lips and breasts retouched with Photoshop on this cover. I hope that the fashion industry finally learns to stop repressing the things that make us unique and instead celebrate the individuality”, she said.

While her topless photo has already reached a million likes, her statement against discrimination against women by their sex has also had a considerable reach in the hundreds of thousands of “likes”.

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