Chris Evans and Jenny Slate: Did the Former Couple Reconcile?

The actors ended their relationship in February this year, but apparently they may be willing to give a new opportunity to love.


The ex-couple already posed side by side on the red carpet and recently exchanged (very) suspicious flirty comments on Twitter. Jokingly, Chris and Jenny exchanged private ‘jokes’ about an actor’s post.

“A for Mash impresses me. Classic conditioning tells me it’s time to go to bed and I probably did not do my homework,” Chris said. “It’s seven o’clock at night, and you’ve had the whole weekend, please,” Jenny replied.

“How’s your handwriting? Can you write for me? Let’s skip the class!” Added Christopher, who did not go unanswered. “This is terrifying and exciting. You find me behind the gym after science class,” she joked.

U.S. Actors Chris Evans and Jenny Slate shocked their followers, and much of the American press, by announcing last February that their seemingly solid relationship had come to an end. Jenny Slate was Chris Evans girlfriend for only nine months after it became public. However, and to the delight of the former, both have now hinted that they could have resumed their idyll, or at least would be trying, through romantic dinners with which to recover the lost passion, as would have happened on 13 October in an upscale Atlanta restaurant.

“They behaved like any other couple, they were laughing all the time and even extended their arms a few times to caress their hands. They looked like a couple in love enjoying a very enjoyable date, “

said an eyewitness to Us Weekly magazine.

The same informant affirms that, only one day after that night departure, the still ex partners were seen once again in another well-known establishment of the city. Although in this case the two artists were accompanied during the dinner by the also interpreter Robert Downey Junior – with whom Chris Evans shares screen in several Marvel films and his wife Susan. Although for now we will have to wait for the protagonists of this story to be encouraged to clarify whether they are back together or not. The fact is that in recent months both have shown that regardless of the breakup, their close friendship has not been seen not at all affected by it.

‘She is still my favorite human being in the world. It is the best and I have to say that I had never been with a person who mastered the English language in that way. He is very articulate and knows how to compose phrases like no one, ” Chris explained about the dialectical talents of his ex-partner. ‘For me, he is a great artist and artist. It’s wonderful to see you in action, “he dedicated to her who was protagonist of the series ‘Parks and Recreation’.

In March, Actress Jenny Slate had decided to openly talk about her past relationship with fellow actor Chris Evans. And not only that! But she also spoke and gave a statement to New York Magazine about that sonorous rupture.

Jenny Slate has confirmed that her relationship with Chris Evans did not end in bad ways but it had a lot to do with how little time they had for them. They hardly saw each other … And they have talked a lot about this subject. The actress thought it was the best thing for both of them and that, of course, she would love to be able to become her friend some day even if it’s complicated. Ohhh! In addition, Jenny states that she does not regret anything that she has lived next to him. Never!

The beginning of the relationship between Jenny Slate and Chris Evans was strange. At first, the actress thought that he was not even his type. As you read it! In fact, she thought, “What do you feel for me? Is that a joke?” She thought their lifestyles were quite different in some way or another and that, of course, she did not want to be an experiment for Evans.

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