Alexandra Daddario will star in ‘I Am Not a Bird’

Alexandra Daddario of the Baywatch has signed to star in a new dramatic thriller titled ‘I Am Not a Bird’. Lauren Mann of Wandering Trail Pictures and Lawrence Inglee of Blackbird will produce this project to be directed by William Olsson.

Alexandra Daddario

The film will be based on the critically acclaimed novel by Catherine Hanrahan, ‘Lost Girls and Love Hotels’, which will feature a script adapted by Hanrahan herself.

We would love to see Alexandra Daddario in the dramatic thriller titled ‘I Am Not a Bird’. The film will be the film adaptation of Catherine Hanrahan’s acclaimed novel, ‘ Lost Girls and Love Hotels’.

The film will tell the story of a young woman named Margaret who, tormented by the death of her twin brother and unable to overcome the loss, delves into the night world while touring Tokyo bars. Margaret will eventually fall in love with Kazu, a Japanese gangster who will endanger her life.

The film will be directed by William Olsson while Lauren Mann of Wandering Trail Pictures and Lawrence Inglee of Blackbird will be in charge of producing it. In this regard, the producers stated:

“By the time we finished reading ‘Lost Girls and Love Hotels’ we knew we had to be involved in the cinematic adaptation of Catherine Hanrahan’s vehement writing that makes the emotion turn into a intoxicating tense story. We are delighted to have William Olsson at the helm to carry out this brilliant story to fiction and Alexandra Daddario that fits perfectly to the role of the deep Margaret.

The story revolves around a young woman named Margaret, who is immersed in the night-time Tokyo nightclub. Tormented by the memories of her twin brother, Margaret finds herself lost in life, going from bar to bar with her misfits friends. The thing gets worse when she meets and falls for Kazu, an attractive Japanese gangster who will bring Margaret’s life in danger, but it will also give her the opportunity for redemption that has been waiting for.

The actress will incarnate Margaret, who is unable to overcome the loss of her twin brother has been plunged into despair, so he is going to tour the night bars in Tokyo. He falls in love with Kazu, a Japanese gangster who will endanger his life.

After Baywatch watching Alexandra Daddario in this thriller movie will be great as it might be a completely different role with lots of pain.

We don’t know yet whether the shooting of the movie has started or not, but one thing which is clear is that this movie will be released in the last quarter of 2018. Although, we don’t have an exact date for the release, but we will keep you updated as soon as a statement is released from the production house.

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